Saturday, November 1, 2008

How to use Ametista's molds for Polymer Clay and PMC

How to use an Ametista mold with Polymer Clay

Some of our customers at The Clay Shoppe have asked us for instructions on how to achieve the best impressions from our molds, so here you have it...step by step instructions.

Step 1 -
Condition your clay. Clay must be worked or softened and free of air bubbles. Please note, clay that is too soft will not give you the desired effect. We recommend clay that is the same consistency as Fimo Classic.
Step 2 - Roll your conditioned clay about 1/4" thick or thicker if desired on to a baking tile. We use 4x4" standard bathroom tiles. You can buy them by the box load at any hardware store.
Step 3 - Using a fine mist spray bottle, lightly mist rolled clay with water and impression side of mold.
Step 4 - Set misted mold on to clay. Using a second tile to sandwich the mold and clay.

Step 5 - With two hands firmly but evenly apply pressure. DO NOT lift or move the tile during this process, as this may cause the mold to move and you will n
ot receive a sharp impression. Step 6 - Remove top tile and then carefully lift mold from clay. It should lift easily.
Step 7 - Now cut, shape, fix, add pigment, inks, paints...let you imagination take over!

Step 8 - Bake your finished project according to the clay manufacture's instructions.

How to use an Ametista mold with Precious Metal Clay (PMC).

Step 1 - Cut required gram size piece of pmc from newly opened package.
Step 2 - Lightly coat with olive or mineral oil. Roughly shape clay piece to fully fit into mold impression. There should not be any over hang, all of the pmc clay should be firmly packed using your thumb making sure to all clay makes contact with the impression.
Step 3 - To release pmc from mold, turn mold upside down on to drying tile. We use 4x4" standard bathroom tiles. Clay should release from mold with relative ease.
Step 4 - Now follow the manufacture's instructions for drying and firing.

Keeping your molds clean

Keeping your molds clean will insure better impressions. The best way to clean your molds is simply by using mild dish soap and warm water and a soft toothbrush. If possible let them air dry or use a lint free cloth (old t-shirts are good for this).


  1. I like the wings! I have hearted. maybe I will actually get time to experiment with clay....

  2. I like them too! They are our best seller so far! Thanks for leaving a comment! It's always lovely to see you here!


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