Treacherous Tea Sets

Do you know what happens when a tea set is left unused for too long? 
We do.
Eventually they grow bored with the pretense of their inanimate existence and they, for lack of a better word, awaken.

You see, all tea services have lives of their own. When no ones looking they chat and gossip among themselves and converse on a number of tea related topics, such as the quality of the Darjeeling that day, or the tatting on a lace doily placed before them and most often about the guests who had been invited to tea that afternoon. But they do this, out of courtesy to their unknowing owners, in secret.

However, if a set has been neglected and has fallen into disuse. They take it into their heads that they no longer need to hide themselves. They no longer care who sees them and they refuse to close their eyes, stop pouting, or put their tongue back in there mouth...whatever the case may be. 
These sets are known as Treacherous Tea Sets. 
We make it our business to collect these poor creatures and place them in new homes, with owners who are more imaginative and who aren't afraid of a tea set that stares back at them. Perhaps they could live with you?

You may acquire a set of your own or an individual creature at Ametista Dark Decor 


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