Sunday, April 29, 2012

and today we went to this...

This afternoon we headed downtown to the arts district to attend...

It was a way cool experience! Great folks, awesome local business, fabulous finds and food.
 Pictures will say it better than our words (plus I type slow and uploading photos is faster.)

Handmade in Vegas gals, Marlene, Barb and our very own Kathy.

The downtown block of vacant buildings has been revitalized
 (using recycled and sustainable materials)
 for this weekend's event to demonstrate what is possible for this area.

The street, which is normally rather sparse, was lined with trees, a bike lane, 
bistro tables and many people enjoying the great atmosphere
 on a beautiful Las Vegas Spring day.

The shops were filled with beautiful handmade clothing, like this gorgeous piece by Jennifer Paquin of  'Torn Cutoure',  artisan made jewelry, including of my personal favs, Funky Recycling , home decor and more.

These comfortable tables and benches were made from 
wooden plats and old fire hoses.

Top that off with delicious vegan smoothies and wonderful latte's 
and POOF!! The perfect afternoon!

Visit for more info on this inspiring movement.

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