Friday, February 4, 2011

Preview Thursday Review - Las Vegas Art District

Recently Kathy and I decided to start checking out the local art scene on the first Thursday of every month (Pre-View Thursday) instead of on the first Friday of every month (First Fridays), because pre-view Thursday is a lot less crowded and affords the opportunity to interact with the artists and really take time to appreciate their work.

So we've decided that once a month we will share with you our top three Las Vegas art scene discoveries.

Last nights top three galleries were all located within the Arts Factory.  The first gallery we visited was Geolocations - Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman.  Upon entering the gallery.  Every photograph on the wall is the same size, uniformly framed within accompany statement.  The photographs themselves were interesting, well executed and diverse.  The accompany statements were at first thought provoking and then a little confusing.  But understanding that another person's art is not meant for one to easily dissect, we continue around the gallery to view more.  We then came across a plaque that read Geolocations which explained that the Geolocation project follows random tweets and by using Geotag information embedded in these tweets, travel to the GPS coordinates and take a photograph of the site of the update.

Just blown away by this original concept.  There's much more to the project so we will not give it all away, you must come see for yourself.

Our next gallery visited took us to NEWPHAZ Art by Andre Hines. Let us just tell you that this man paints some amazing portraits.  Some of his portraits included well known celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Michael Jackson and President Obama just to name a few.  The portraits draw you in as if you were standing there with that person.  The eyes so bright and expressive.  Had to purchase a couple of prints while we were there.  You definitely want to check this artist out.

Last a but certainly not least, Statement Gallery, formerly Damned Ink Studios.  This gallery features some of the most amazing resident artist to be gathered in one location.  Included in it's list of distinguished artist are, Danny Roberts, Laura Zollar, Mike Biggs, Dasha Biggs, Teresa Maharaj and more...

The art featured at the gallery is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine expression.  The artists in residents compliment each other in such a breath taking way the art is edgy, powerful and entrancing and yet very decidedly opposite sides of the same coin. 

There's so much to see you might want to hit this one early in the evening.

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