Friday, September 24, 2010

Gather Witches all for the Practical Magic Blog Party...

Look what we found my pretties...
We’ve joined with other Witches and Witches at Heart around the world to present you with this amazing chance to Win some of the most Magical Prizes to be found anywhere this Halloween Season! 

Here’s what we’re offering...
...For the Kitchen Witch, this gorgeous set of hand crafted, Italian glass Oil & Vinegar bottles, embellished with dark vines inspired by our favorite movie...Practical Magic.

 All you have to do for your chance to win is leave us a comment here and tell us about your favorite Halloween tradition...please be sure to leave your contact information so we can reach you if you’re our lucky winner! We will be using a random number generator to pick our winner. We ship worldwide, so all are invited to enter the drawing.

A favorite Halloween tradition around here is our greatly anticipated annual Halloween Bash. It is our absolute favorite time of the year! Using craft, the help of our Sister Witches and a whole lot of laughter, we transform the house in to a darkly decorated delight!

Now ladies there are many prizes to be had and you don't want to miss out so check out The Practical Magic Blog party page for a complete list of Party Participants. (scroll down their blog page - the list is located on the right hand side.) 

The Party is in full effect from September 25, 2010 thru October 25, 2010.


  1. Hi! What a wonderful broomride te Practical Magic Blog Party is! I love your blog, and will enjoy looking around. Sadly, we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia, obviously the seasons are wrong for us at that time! I have enjoyed a halloween while living in Canada in the 90s, and it was a wonderful experience....
    hugs and blessings from Down Under,

  2. I just discovered your blog from the PM party and love it! Wow, all the goodies you're offering. My fave. Samhain ritual/tradition is setting up a Day of the Dead altar for my mother and all the female ancestors I have. I've found some wonderful art pieces on Etsy. My email addy is: and you can find me at either: http://www.yearcats or
    Many blessings to you and I'll visit your etsy shop too :)

  3. Here in Germany, Halloween isn't all that big, but I always make sure to have a carved pumpkin. Moreover, I wear Halloween socks and eat some chocolate in honor of the day. Naturally, a spooky movie is another must!

    Thanks putting up such a fun post for the Practical Magic event -- and thanks for the chance to win a magical prize!

    -- Birgit

  4. Waw, what a nice price!

    We don't have a specific tradition yet, but I hope to build tons with my children!

    you can find me here:

  5. Mmm....mulled wine, jack o'lanterns, bonfires, and a plentitude of tarot/rune readings.

  6. Wow those are beautiful! Not only is the Practical Magic party awesome it leads to the discovery of new blogs. Yay! One of my favorite Halloween traditions is I always watch the movie Sleepy Hollow. Love it!

  7. After the blog party, I plan to come back and read more of your archives. Great post!

  8. You have a whimseical party and I am having a woundrus time. Our Halloween tradition is having a birthday party also...Our daughter is our Halloween baby. We decorate parts of the house and set up an alter celebrating both.
    you can visit me at:

  9. Merry meet ladies )O(
    OOOOooo I loveeeee those bottles!!!
    Halloween - dressing up is def my/childrens fav - treat or treating and seeing the clever creations by everyday people....just fills me with good vibes!

  10. Beautiful...Please count me in :0)
    ¸.•´¸.•*• ƸӜƷ Twilight magic!
    "Let there be Light"

  11. Oh so beautiful!!
    My family enjoys 31 days of halloween, each day in october something halloweenish must be done, like watching a scary movie or drinking cider.

  12. Thank you for your 'Practical Magic Party' post! I am so disappointed in those blogs, which signed up, and failed to participate. -pout-

    Gentle hugs,
    "Sweet Aunt Bridget" for the day

  13. merry meet
    OOOOo fav has to be dressing up for trick or treat on the bottles please count me in

  14. Oooooooo what fun...they are so beautiful! I love your party post!! Please add my name to your hat!
    Each Halloween eve as kiddos come and go..after we are home from ours trick or treating. I light about 40 candles inside the main room and outside on the porch. Of course we put the Practical Magic soundtrack on and do a bit of dancing!
    Blessings, Sarah

  15. what a wonderful visit i have had with you!
    and the halloween bash sounds delightful!
    We just love every aspect of all of the traditions here at the studio! decorating and celebrating with friends, dancing around the fire, celebrating the turn of the Wheel, honoring the grand women that have past before me, the darkness and the light; blessings to the new year.
    blessed Samhain!

  16. Lovely post and such a fun giveaway for our Practical Magic Party! My favorite tradition is to dress up as a witch and answer the door on Trick or Treat night and scare the kids...hee hee, not the little ones though!

    Lots of magical wishes, dreams and blessings to all of you!

    xoxo Valerie

  17. Those are some gorgeous bottles! I'm amazed by them! Great work! I would love to be entered in the drawing and I've even become a follower!

  18. What a lovely PM Party Post! Love your bottles! Ever-so-witchily divine!

    Gosh...I'm not even sure which Halloween tradition to mention, we have so many! The entire month of October, safeto say, is one big celebration! But I think a most magical moment and favorite day is when we trek to a pumpkin farm and pick our pumpkins off the vine. There's a certain bend in the ancient oak lined road, and as we round it, before us suddenly is acres and acres of happy orange pumpkins! What could be more magical than that? My heart very nearly leaps with joy!

    Happy Halloween to you!

  19. A beautiful giveaway. I suppose my favorite tradition was one my late girlfriend used to have. We would gather at her house out in the country and have yummy food and dress in costumes, which was so out of my comfort zone back then. Thanks for this precious memory. :)

  20. Love your blog! My favorite holiday tradition that I celebrate with others is out Annual Witch's Ball where we host a public ritual, dancing and dinner. This year is our 10th.

    Stop by and visit for a magical giveaway

  21. Those are FABULOUS!!!! My little Halloween tradition is to dress up each year (as a witch, of course) to help hand out candy each year for safe trick or treating at our local mall. There are no children in our neighborhood, so this is my way that I can celebrate the festive holiday and bring joy to the young children in the community.

    Feel free to fly by and visit with me:

    Sincerely, Theresa

  22. LOVE your post! I would absolutly die to win something so beautiful as those! My favorite Halloween tradition is bobbing for apples! I dont get to do it every year but it is so much fun and in the true spirit of the harvest season.
    My link is not up yet but feel free to visit me at

  23. Ohhhh, so exciting,I found this page about 5 minutes ago, and already I have bookmarked you and I am sure to be back often.
    My All Hallows Eve traditions include, costumes and candy of course. And for certain, some personal time at my alter with the God and Goddess. It is also the time I take a good look at my family, friends and home to ensure clean Aura's to start the Holiday Season. A good sweeping of the house, dispels all the negativity that may have accumulated. New anointing and all candles are replaced, my cauldron gets a good scrubbing with salt. It's my favorite time of year, it fills me with joy to celebrate, renew and give homage to my Mothers before me!
    Liz Barringer

  24. Hi!
    I found this link from a friend on Facebook and I absolutely LOVE IT! Our Halloween traditions tie in with my wedding anniversary--we had a masquerade ball for our wedding (Oct. 26th) and every year we go all out with decorations and costumes, spells, and whatever else we can find! Our 3 kids have gotten into too!
    Please count me in the for the give away, and I plan to share the link!


  25. Hi, I found your blog via the Practical Magic blog party. I love your blog! those bottles are fabulous!

  26. What a beautiful set to offer! My All Hallow's Eve tradition is to set the house ready for guests... that means when we eat that night we set an extra place for our past loved ones to come to eat along with us... We serve the plate as though someone is seated there and at the end the plate is set outside for the Goddess. It is always empty in the morning... a sign of good luck and love. We also dance under the mood and spin and spin and spin! It is a night dedicated to love and remembrance.

  27. We have a fire outside with hot cider and treat fro children. Live music and dancing under the moon have been the standard for many years now. The neighbors all participate and it has now spread dow the street we live on so it has become one giant celebration from house to house.

  28. Your blog is beautiful! My halloween tradition is to set up photos of my loved ones who have passed out of this life so I can sense them through the veil that is thinnest this time of year. I listen for words of wisdom from my grandmothers and send them my love and thanks for the guidance they have given me.

  29. Wow those bottles are amazing!

    We don't really have a tradition per se at my house since sadly we never had children. But every year I dress up in a witch costume to pass out candy. We also decorate outside quite a bit. The neighborhood kids love it!

    Have a magical day, Kelly

  30. Halloween is mine and my daughters favorite holiday and time of the year.We decorate the yard with a small witchs house,graveyard and a big kettle on a bon fire.It is tons of fun and the children that come have such a great time just looking around.

  31. Love this post alot...What we do...oh the kids are grown but they love to dress up still as when they were young. We used to have a spookhouse at our house every year as the kids grew up and scared the whole neighborhood in Virginia Beach. Now I load up scary movies all week, watch scarey movies and pass out candy...And its still my favorite time of the year


  32. I LOVE those bottles!!! With my daughter still being the age to Trick or Treat we hunt for the perfect costume and go Trick or Treating.....she is 9 and only has a few years left to be able to Trick or Treat and she is already planning on what traditions we can do next! Please come by and visit me for my PM party.....

  33. Thanks for visiting my blog~

    I like your bottles, they are perfect for this party!!
    My favorite Halloween tradition (until I moved away) was going to an event called "Moon Fest". It was held downtown and had live music, food, and all sorts of kewl Halloween things.

  34. Great PM party post, Love the potion bottles,it's been a lot of fun today :-) Lots of chocolates brownies and margaritas! Kat

  35. My favorite tradition is pumpkin carving. :) My family was never much for Halloween, but I always loved the pumpkins.

  36. Those bottles are beautiful! What do you use to get those designs?

    I have to say my favorite Halloween tradition is a brand new one - going to my friend's old farm house out far from town. It's filled with squeaking boards, strange noises and a basement that looks like it's from a scene out of "Saw". We get together in the evening, have a pot luck and watch really stupid movies. Last year was "Predator". :P

  37. Well, first...lovely prize!!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

    now, I LOVE Halloween, and used to go all out with decorations, when the children were younger, but now they are all grown, not just mine, but the neighbor's as well...we live in a very secluded area 7 miles west of town in the woods. Which really helped to make the yards creepy for halloween, not everyone one decorated for halloween so much as they did for Autumn overall. The thing i miss the most is the carving of pumkins, and going for night time walks with the kids, and then, especially taking them trick or treating. Because of where we live (everyone has acreage) we had to drive them around (with the exception of a few homes right near us) they would ride in the back of the Pick up, with the tailgate down. then back home for a quick meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese that dad had ready, (he doled out our candy) then after dinner i'd drive them in my car over to my niece's home, and pick her and her kids up, and we'd go trick or treating in either her neighborhood or another develpment where the homes were very close together. LOL (more candy-less walking) My niece and I would either stand outside of the car or sit inside (depending on their age) drinking either tea or cocoa and talking and the kids would go up one side of the street and down the other, get back in the car and we'd move to the next block. Fun times!

    Thanks for your lovely post and again for the opportunity to win those lovely bottles :)

    peace n love,

  38. Nice party blog, I love your giveaway,. they're beautiful. I love discovering new blogs this way too.

  39. I would love to have a chance for your gorgeous bottles! My favorite Halloween tradition is decorating my entire house as a witch's home. All of the things in the kitchen are renamed..spices and things. I even decorate the bathroom! I love it and keep it decorated until time for Christmas. Have a wonderful Halloween! or

  40. Would you believe me and hubby's Halloween tradition of watching Practical Magic? :) Love the bottles and your blog is beautiful!

  41. My favorite Halloween tradition is decorating my parents front porch. My family has lived here for over 40 years, so it's fun to see the grandchildren of our neighborhood's original trick or treaters!

  42. I used to decorate my house and yard in grand style - but as I've gotten older that is now more of a chore than fun so I've cut back.
    Now that my son is all grown up and so are my grandchildren - my only tradition is passing out the goodies.
    Your bottles are wonderful - would love to have a chance to win.

    Brightest Blessings,

  43. Hello Dearest,

    Our Halloween tradition is a family Halloween Carnivale with a Haunted Hay ride through back dirt roads that wind through the enchanted woods of our small town. My sons birthday is October 12, so this is our tradition for his birthday and Halloween combined. The post is magical and those bottle are absolutely beautiful.
    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from Wonderland

  44. These bottles are gorgeous! I've never seen someone create them in this manner. Your post is enchanting and the photographs are such fun. Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful item. My favorite holiday tradition is actually just going outside by myself, drawing in a deep breath, and marveling at the magic of that evening. It never fails to send a tingling chill down my spine. It's been a pleasure to meet you at this party. :)

    faith, trust, and faerie dust!

  45. Those bottles are amazing, thank you for giving us a chance to win them.

    Having no kids, and not living anywhere that does trick or treating, this year myself and the bears will try and have a fun halloween with the new witchy bear I finished in time for the party. We've got some little decorations we're going to put up for a party at halloween :o)


  46. I like the dress up part - always a kid at heart!

  47. Oh beautiful bottle and post very magical so as we moved to the states a few years ago and i am like a kid at halloween...we have a halloween party lots of creepy food we had a red jello brain last year and I do my best to scare all the trick or treaters with the outside of my house with mummys, bat you name it i have it but it was wonderful last year because my older son dressed up and stood outside when people came to the door he suddenly moved scaring both kids and parents alike.... anyway that my halloween I can't wait for this year and thank you for your comments on my post goos spells Wendy from

  48. I love Halloween we have a Halloween party, I made lots of scary food we had a lifesized red jello brain last year it loked gross but tasted wonderful... everyone dressed up and my oldest son dressed up and stood outside ready to scare ticky or treaters... so funny as he scared kids and parents alike... I'm starting to get ready for this year thank you for your comments on my post .. good spells Wendy @

  49. Our Halloween tradition is watching "Practical Magic", "The Good Witches Garden"1+2 +3 coming this November,yes Halloween continues into the colder months and of course,decorating and crafting Spooky art.I adore your bottles and I as well have created some inspired by the movie.Love your post.
    Annabelle * *
    * * ~^..^~ * *

  50. What a wonderful post! Love all your wicked delights! I hope you'll come "fly" over to my blog and see what I have been brewing!

  51. WOW what an amazing offering you have! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I would have to say that my personal Halloween tradition is to make(with my own little hands) a new decoration every year. Stop by my blog during october for the 31 days of Halloween to see this years newest creations. Most of the time I don't keep them, I will send them to friends of relatives. It's fun just to get down and dirty and make stuff!!!

    With my kids we always make "creepy" foods, it all started when they were younger and Halloween was "cute", you know the mummy dogs, or the ghost cookies. We still do that although my kids are older now and love the darker side of Halloween, we haven't done cute in a long time!!! I think the best part is when the Hubby can be home to share with us!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, my email is

  52. Nice little place you have here, It would be a heck of a good time spending Halloween with you!

    Come visit when you can, I would love to have you over.

  53. I am having SO much fun reading about all of your favorite Halloween traditions and visiting all of your blogs. (Still only half way through.)So many amazingly talented witches out there! Must fly off to visit more party blogs.

  54. Oh, my goodness... Love your "Party" pictures!
    Have a boo-tiful afternoon!

  55. Hi sweetie. Just a quick note to say I love your blog and your Etsy shop is fantastic. I may have to stop by again to buy a few cool things that I saw for Halloween. I was going thru all the hi and hellos from my blog's comments for the Practical Magic Party and you were on it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have added you as a new fabulous blog to read. :)

  56. My fave Halloween tradition is going all out in decorating my front yard for the Trick-or-Treaters! We're the highlight of the neighborhood and I love planning it all year round!

  57. I love how your pieces, great work!

    My favorite Halloween traditions include just decorating the house, watching movies like Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus, Great Pumpkin,Charlie Brown, and maybe a few actual scary ones.

  58. My favorite Halloween tradition is to set up a alter and give thanks,to the God and Goddess.And the sprit world of loved ones past.I always leave a glass of plum wine and some cheese for them to enjoy.
    Wonderful blog you have.

  59. These bottles are gorgeous!
    I love everything about Halloween - one of my favorite traditions lasts year round, but Halloween is certainly a favorite part of it. I keep a tree up all year, changing it out for the seasons. Right now, it's all fall foliage, but it's about to be filled with ghosties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night!

  60. hello!the bottles are amazing!
    we celebrate every day of October,either by watching a scary movie telling spooky stories or taking a drive at night with a halloween soundtreack on to the local 'haunted area'
    October 30th is Great Pumkin night , which we celebrate with a Halloween dinner and at midnight the Great Pumkin delivers toys and candy to the children, one of my daughter is now 19 and she still doesnt know who drops off the gifts!!and she looks forward to it, like it's Christmas.

  61. We celebrate every night in October, either by watching a scary movie,driving to the 'haunted' areas in town,or turning down the lights and telling spooky stories.
    on the 30th we have Great Pumpkin night and have a small party at sundown,at midnight the Great Pumpkin delivers toys and candys to the daughter is 19 and still looks forward to the festivities!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful treasures!

  62. what a gorgeous post

    i would love you to check out my practical magic post

  63. These bottles are gorgeous! Thanks for a beautiful post -

    My newest favorite tradition is called Trick or Drink - the participating neighbors get together and go house to house, the adults get a shot of the homeowners choice, and the kids get a treat - then afterwards we go back to my house for a halloween party for the remaining evening - I like to explain it as fun for whole family - Last year we had 12 participating houses - a shot at every house is a lot of fun!



  64. I love your post and I love your bottles. How wonderful. Well the Halloween tradition I have and love is I take the mini white pumpkins and clean them out really good and then I carve stars, crescent moons and sometimes astrological signs in them (depending on how intricate I can get) and the I string them on orange lights and hang them from my front porch roof. It took me a couple of years to perfect how I do it and I always get compliments on them.

  65. Your party looks like so much fun! I love the decorations :) Laughter is definitely the best magic of all! Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

  66. Love your blog!!!! Samhain is my fave holiday of the year..we start decorating in September for it..Halloween night we have our dumbsupper, but i continue to give out candy..we light the candle chandelier, the jack o lanterns on the lawn and stairs, and pull our shades wide open so the revelers can see our fireplace on, and the twinkle lights, fall leaves, candles burning on the hearth and chandelier...of course i am in my best witches garb, as stevie and loreena are blasted for the visitors..its truly the most special night of the year..when the trick or treaters are gone, we light the firepit and enjoy a glass of wine..its DIVINE!

  67. I can't remember if I posted a comment here yet or not but I would just like to say (In case I didn't already) that I LOVED your practical magic entry..and I super love your blog :) I now follow you, like you follow me. Thanks for visiting!

  68. What a darkly wonderful party! Glad I brought my hat and velvet black wrap. The witchy whimsy has me in a frenzy!

  69. OOOpsy, forgot my holiday tradition. It is, of course, sitting my cauldron on the front, slipping into my witches garb, and testing the children on their tricks before granting them a treat. And if they are up for an old fashioned scare, cackling in my best enchantress voice, "Get off my porch!" And screech-giggling as they run, laughing, away.

  70. My favorite tradition is decorating the house! It feels amazing to actually get to share my love of the season with everyone who comes near. I feel like I get to be more authentically myself!

    That said, another of my favorite activities during this season is gathering together with like-minded women to do divination.

  71. Oh what a great offer to give away those awesome bottles!!! I love all kinds of bottles, flakons and vials...

    my favorite time of year is definately halloween where we all move closer to the dark side of life...
    in my own tradition I cook my famous pumpkin soup and create eatable cut-off fingers from wiener sausages.
    candles are arround the house all year, but this is the time to light them all and abandon electrical light ;)

    to me it is also a time to remember lost family members and friends.

    contact me via etsy. username is: sillycut
    or via facebook:
    or simply send a message via blogspot:

    thanks so much for this great action ;D

  72. Hello!
    Wow! Gorgeous Bottles. My FAVORITE time of year! I decorate with pumpkins as soon as they start showing up at the farmers market, we go out with friends every year and have a huge Samhain party as several couples were handfasted on that day. It is a magical time here, not too cold yet, just crisp. I take time each year to remember all of the loved ones on the other side knowing the veil is the thinnest....

  73. This time of year is so fun seeing all the children and adults dressing up and playing....I am excited that this year I will be there taking part in your wonderful party....look forward to making this part of our all of your ladies are

    Love ya, Kerrie


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