Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creativity in Bloom...

We are pleased to announce the completion of a very special piece, "Creativity in Bloom". It was commissioned by an incredible jewelry designer and dear friend, Suzanne Colucci of Belandaria Designs Inc. in LA.

Her wish was to have something inspiring that could be used to hang her works in progress. She envisioned a whimsical, magical tree in a place where anything is possible and the imagination is free to roam.

This design needed to be strong enough to hold her jewelry pieces which often include strands of bead, gemstones and chain. So we started with a wooden frame and formed wire mesh around it to give it shape. (Should have worn gloves for that bit.)

After that a base coat of scrap polymer clay was applied, then a layer of black clay was laid to cover the entire piece and carved to give the effect of tree bark...being sure to carve whimsical swirls and meaningful symbols throughout.

After the carving was complete it was time for my favorite part...PearlEx metallic pigment (also avail at The Clay Shoppe)  for rich, beautiful color that shines! (I'm starting to sound like a Loreal hair color commercial here.) I should mention that while very pretty, it is not good for the hair, eyes or nose, don't put it me.

The tree stands 18" tall and is made almost entirely of sculpted polymer clay, over a frame of wood and wire mesh. It also includes examples of our work with our molds, (You can get our molds at metallic pigments and alcohol inks. Jewelry findings have been added throughout to encourage extra sparkly inspirations!

I leave tomorrow morning to bring it out to her...can't wait to see how she likes it!

If you or someone you know is interested in a custom design display please contact us via this post or at

Bright blessings and happy Spring!


  1. This is try #2 to post my comment....someday I'll figure this whole computer thingy out...end of rant.
    I said...I love the tree and know that Suzanne is going to love it. As I was going through the pictures I noticed how lovely and artistic your hands are. I'll bet that Nana's hands look like yours when she was young. She would have loved your creations....M

  2. Oh that is so beautiful...How talented you are. Have a safe journey delivering the tree.


  3. oh wow!!! that's an awesome piece of work!! wonderfully whimsical and perfectly sculptured! love the end effect of the bark and the pearl ex powder :) i'm sure she just be thrilled to bits!!


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