Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ametista's Holiday Give-away!

Ametista's Holiday Give-away
These festive mini holiday jars can be yours!
Enter to Win! Don't miss out!

Here's all you have to do to enter... 1. Tell us what you like about this delightful little set. Leave your comments right here at the end if this's that simple!

2. PLEASE be sure to leave your contact information, either your email address or Etsy shop if you have one, so we can reach you when you win! The winner will be contacted on or after December 6, 2009. If after 24hrs if we haven't heard from that winner, we'll pick another winner.

3. We will draw the winner's name on December 6, 2009 after 5pm/pst.

We ship world wide! All are welcome to participate in this fabulous drawing! Good luck everyone and Happy holidays from Carrie & Kathy


  1. I love the beautiful designs on them! Swirly, festive but not too cutesy. Very classy.

  2. Well......I love your designs so much and I am so thrilled to see you with beautiful Christmas designs as well......I love the detail you added to the top of the jars.....fingers crossed I get to add this to my collection.....thanks for all your beautiful work ladies.....Love Ya, Kerrie Evans

  3. I think these glass jars are traditional yet your signature style swirl makes them updated. I can see lots of candy filled in them.


  4. Hi there, what I wanted to say about these jars, is that I love the simplicity in the lines and colors, nothing overwhelming. Plus, they remind me of Night Mare Before Christmas, which I love and there not the usual old fashion pieces that just about everyone on Earth has, these piece will stand out and thats what makes them fantastic☺ These jars are perfect not only for Christmas but all year around. The tags are beautifully done showing another goureous piece of art, and I would love to have these in my home on displays as not just a usefull piece of decoration but art too☺

  5. I like that its handcrafted and made with joy and festivity in mind. I would use these year round.

  6. I love how these containers can be used as display pieces on their own or as canisters to hold colorful items. I love how they are functional yet decorative at the same time. They remind me of Beetlejuice!

  7. Sweet! Count me in, reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas and would look great in my craft room! :)

  8. i love how chic they are
    its hard to explain but they are so original and perefect

  9. I love your style!! The swirls are so festive yet abstact love them!! Even the tags are beautiful!! Please count me in, I would be honored to display your work in my home. Great give-away Kathy!!


  10. The jars are just too cute! Just my style and they would look really nice on my coffee table for all to enjoy. I like twisted things and they would just fit in my decore!! I love your store and blogspot very much. I would like to know how you managed to design such a cool one as yours! Help me??? love ya sista!

  11. I would love to keep some herbs in these lovely and magickal jars! I just found you through etsy and have spent the last 10 minutes drooling over your magickal bottles! These bottles are enchanting and I love your use of colors and how you decorate each of your enchanting items!
    You can reach me through my blog or my etsy shop if I happen to be the lucky winner, or if you just want to chat..:)
    Brightest Blessings for a magickal Yule to you and yours!


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