Sunday, September 28, 2008

September Blog Carnival - Halloween Party

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Not only because the weather cools off, which is a big deal when you live in the, but because we love Halloween!

Last year Kathy and I let our boys have a Halloween costume party to celebrate their last year in Elementary school so each one invited a hand full of their friends from school. We really wanted the party to be extra special so we combined all of our decorations and went all out on decorating my house up. Oh the fun we had decorating! Our boys decorated the back yard to look like a graveyard. We just love watching them get creative.

The kids were thrilled with all the decorations, games, prizes and treat bags. Of course, we dressed up for the occasion as well, in our witchy wear. The kids thought that was really cool. I took a picture of each kid in their costumes and for the "thank you" cards we put their photo on the outside of it, something to remember their time at the party.

We had so much fun, we've decided to make it an annual "Halloween Bash", but this year we're also planning one for us big kids!

Well my pretty ones, I gotta go whip up another batch of Deadly Nightshade...

...Happy Haunting!


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